5 Main Differences Between True Awakened People and Those Who Are Only Pretending

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5 min readJun 26, 2020

We all have a higher soul.

If you often find yourself as being beyond the physical or material domain of existence, your process of awakening already started. This happens when, for whatever reason, your ego allows your higher self or spirit to arise within.

Your ego is your sense of self. It often works on the basis of Maslow’s pyramid of human needs. The ego is also called the lower soul. Thankfully, you also have a spirit, a higher self, or a higher soul.

While the ego thinks, the spirit knows.

While the ego learns by experimenting life, the spirit already knows what life is.

Spiritual Awakening is a process. Many times, it’s confusing and it feels strange. However, if this process is managed properly can lead to miraculous results.

Many people managed to overcome matters of life and death, as a result of this process. Most of the times, just by starting to see things differently.

As you can imagine, this so-called process has attracted the attention of more and more people. While some fully understand it, others chose to lie about it and start to fake it.

While some people do things like yoga and meditation, in order to grow and find their peace of mind, others want to take advantage of them, most often pursuing only financial gains. Nothing related to spirituality.

To differentiate between those who truly are awakened from those who are only pretending to be, you can pay attention to a few aspects.

1. True Awakened People Know That Every Person Has Their Own Way To Be Awakened

A true awaken person is conscious enough to know that every person is different. Therefore, this person will not force anybody to follow a certain path.

By no means, a person like this believes that one path is better than another one. This is why, he or she will guide other people, only if they ask for. Until then, a true awaken person will let other people develop their own ways.

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