Going After What You Want Feels Amazing, And You Should Not Stop Until You Get It

“Not to decide is to decide”

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In life, you have choices to make and steps to take. Standing still doesn’t get you anywhere. However, it helps to take a step back and reanalyse your chances and ambitions to know precisely what you want. Because working all day and focusing all your effort on things that don’t bring you any benefit, is useless.

However, for those of you who know what you want, this one is for you. For this, I’ve split this article into three parts.

First, I’m going to talk about how you can make your goals more achievable, then I’ll show you why it’s essential to rank your goals, and last but not least, I’ll share a tip with you that would help you understand the importance of achieving your goal.

Let’s dive into it!

Make a Plan

Now, you’ll probably say, “wait, I’ve heard this before”. Well, yeah, you’ve probably heard this before, but how many times you’ve actually made an action plan?

The reason I want to talk about this step is because I want to share my own opinion about what making a plan could mean to you and how it could help you, based on my own experience so far.

We probably all know that making a plan is one of the best ways to start working on your dream. But do we really understand why?

Writing a goal on a piece of paper increases the chances to be achieved? Probably not. But by doing so, you make it more realistic.

For example, take a piece of paper and write down the following sentence:

“I will continue to work at my current job, and in one year from now on, I will live in a million-dollar house.”

What did you feel when you wrote this? Does it seem achievable? Probably if you are a CEO already, yes.

Now write the next sentence.

“After I will do a ton of research, I’m going to start a business, doing what I love the most, and in one year from now on, I will live in a million-dollar house.”

How is that make you feel? Is the second scenario more achievable than the first one? I…



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