I’ve Looked in The Mirror and I Told to Myself “Make Me Proud”

And then I started investing

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I wrote my last article on Medium more than seven months ago. Since then, a lot has changed.

Life is never a straightforward process. It takes you through ups and downs, through bad days and good days, breakup and fall in love, darkness and sunshine, but eventually, you will make it. Or at least this is what everybody tells you.

Watching Netflix every day and eating junks food that tastes awesome feels great in the moment. When you are in this stage, you can’t complain. Every cell in your body feels as if it has been reborn a second time.

But life wasn’t built this way.

Everything we see around us results from thousands of years of hard work and dedication. Every period of the past has come with good and bad. But people never stopped believing that they could improve.

This is how we got at this point.

To be able to heat your food in seconds thanks to the microwave, food that you bought after just a five-minute walk to the corner and back, feels like a blessing.

Or to be able to see your parents who are kilometres away, on the other part of the continent, thanks to some video calls, feels unreal when you think about…



Hustle AM 📝

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