My Relationship With my Father Isn’t Great. But I Know What it Needs to Rebirth.

In the end, it all comes down to communication

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4 min readJun 27, 2021


I just had a call with my father. Everything started great, like always.

He asked me what I’m doing, how am I and what I cooked for dinner. I’m not doing anything special these days, but usually, this is how our conversation starts.

However, almost every time I talked with him on the phone, after a couple of minutes, he begins to express his dissatisfaction regarding some of the choices from my life.

His frustration, related to some aspects of my life, begin to be noticeable. The discussion flows slowly to another kind of talk.

I look through the window, and I disconnect myself. I continue to listen and approve him. Sometimes I feel like I am talking to a stranger. In the end, I say like him, and I do like me.

Our Relationships Are Mirrors for Ourselves

In every relationship that we have in our lives, there is a part of ourselves. If a relationship suffers, then it is clear that something is not at its place. Something is not well aligned.

However, the health of our relationships is vital for our well being. Whether it is about a friend, a family member or your partner, if you don’t get well with one of them, there might be something you have to dig deeper to sort it out.

The most meaningful relationships are those in which you find compassion, understanding and positive energy. However, there are times when you become close to a person just because an unfortunate event connects you.

That’s the beauty of a relationship. Many times you don’t need to find an explanation for it. It’s enough to feel the connection and to go with it.

My Relationship With My Father Is a Complicated One

He is a champion. I mean, he really is.

He played volleyball up to the age of 40. He played for the biggest teams in our country’s championship and also for the national team. He won trophies. Therefore, he is accustomed to winning, or at least to be successful.



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