Self-Learning is The Future, Yet We Still Need Teachers to Learn How to Self-Learn

“The best education happens outside the classroom”

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5 min readJul 10, 2021


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From the first days of our lives, we are transposed into a universe of continuous learning. Whether conscious or unconscious, we use every day we are given to grow, to develop or just to expand our horizons of knowledge.

Some of us take things to another level. Either because they are more inventive or just because they don’t stop looking for new ways of learning. These are the people who delve so deeply into the learning process that they take it to the rank of art.

I was always amazed by these people. These so-called pioneers succeed through their passion for their work. However, no matter the reason for choosing to master a specific domain, they all have something in common, namely how they learn.

In terms of consequences, self-learning is often the only and perhaps also the most appropriate option for many of us to do what we love and ultimately make a living from it.

Therefore, let’s see why self-learning is so common and what tells us about our future. But before, let’s see what self-learning is.

What is Self-Learning?

Self-learning is an approach to learning where the individual can choose to identify their own learning needs, set their goals, find the necessary resources, and evaluate their knowledge.

In a way or another, due to the abundance of free resources, nowadays, it’s easier than ever to learn something on your own.

Whether you like to listen to a podcast, read a book, or attend a class, you can adapt your learning style to your personal preferences or circumstances.

Thanks to the Internet, and the advancement of technology, self-learning has become habitual to most individuals.

Why Would Most People Prefer to Learn Something by Themselves?

Nowadays, many people would choose to learn something by themselves, over the traditional ways of learning, because it’s more convenient than ever.



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