Why Playing The Long Game Can Be Your Competitive Advantage?

Implement this approach in all areas of your life

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4 min readApr 9, 2024
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Most probably you’ve heard about this idea so many times until now.

But are you really playing the long game?

Or do you still find yourself running around your tail?

In fact, if you are intended to say you’re playing the long game but you’re hiding the fact that you still expect things to explode overnight, then you are just lying to yourself.

Playing the long game doesn’t only mean playing the long game, but also believing in it through everything you do.

So let me tell you why this can be your competitive advantage.

What Does It Mean To Play The Long Game?

I’ll give you an example.

When I started working in Finance, 5 years ago, I would never thought that I could have reached this far.

Although I studied Finance and graduated a master’s degree in Business Consulting, I didn’t start working in this domain until 5 years ago.

At first, I did so many mistakes.

I wasn’t sure of myself at all. My hand was shaking on the mouse when I had to make a payment…



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